2017 Legacy Live Music Series Announced

The Shops at Legacy has announced this year’s lineup for their popular outdoor summer music series, Legacy Live. The series runs from April through June and showcases local artists that play a variety of musical instruments and styles.

On Thursday nights, musicians can be found playing outdoors from 5:30-8:30pm on the north side of Legacy Drive. On Friday nights, artists will be on the south side of Legacy Drive from 5:30-8:30pm. And on Saturday, musicians will play both sides of the neighborhood from 5:30-8:30pm.

Now you’ve got plenty more reasons and chances to head to The Shops at Legacy for a meal on any of their picturesque patios or a stroll from shop to shop. And be sure to share your visit with #LegacyLive on social media.

The Shop at Legacy’s #Legacylive music series // photos Anna Cavnar

The 2017 Legacy Live schedule includes:


Saturday, April 1  Tony Rey | Guitarist and Dalene Richelle | Guitarist

Thursday, April 6  Carolyn Jones | Jazz Duo

Friday, April 7  Carolyn Jones | Jazz Duo

Saturday, April 8  Glen Rothstein | Saxophonist and Bryan Meggison | Duo

Thursday, April 13  Richmond Punch | Violinist

Friday, April 14  Marek Eneti | Violinist

Saturday, April 15  Michael Cote | Guitarist and Dolce’ | Duo

Thursday, April 20  Tony Rey | Guitarist

Friday, April 21  Brian Stark | Saxophonist

Saturday, April 22  Alex Styers | Saxophonist and Brian Stark | Saxophonist

Thursday, April 27  Glen Rothstein |Saxophonist

Friday, April 28  Marek Eneti |Violinist

Saturday, April 29  Dalene Richelle | Guitarist and Marek Eneti – Violinist


Thursday, May 4  Michael Cote | Guitarist

Friday, May 5  Carolyn Jones | Jazz Duo

Saturday, May 6  Brian Stark | Saxophonist and Dolce’ | Duo

Thursday, May 11  Bryan Meggison | Saxophonist

Friday, May 12  Marek Eneti – Violinist

Saturday, May 13  Tony Rey | Guitarist and Dalene Richelle | Guitarist

Thursday, May 18  Richmond Punch |Violinist

Friday, May 19  Rick McCoy | Keyboardist

Saturday, May 20  Drew Zarimba | Saxophonist and Glen Rothstein | Saxophonist

Thursday, May 25  Brian Stark | Saxophonist

Friday, May 26  Richmond Punch |Violinist

Saturday, May 27  Dalene Richelle | Guitarist and Tony Rey | Guitarist


Thursday, June 1   Michael Cote | Guitarist

Friday, June 2  Carolyn Jones | Jazz Duo

Saturday, June 3  Drew Zarimba | Saxophonist and Dolce’ | Duo

Thursday, June 8  Drew Zarimba | Saxophonist

Friday, June 9  Richmond Punch |Violinist

Saturday, June 10  Marek Eneti | Violinist and Tony Rey | Guitarist

Thursday, June 15  Tony Rey | Guitarist

Friday, June 16  Rick McCoy | Keyboardist

Saturday, June 17  Alex Styers | Saxophonist and Brian Stark |Saxophonist

Thursday, June 22  Glen Rothstein | Saxophonist

Friday, June 23  Marek Eneti | Violinist

Saturday, June 24   Dolce’ | Duo and Dalene Richelle | Guitarist

Thursday, June 29  Richmond Punch |Violinist

Friday, June 30  Bryan Meggison | Saxophonist

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