Burnt BBQ & Tacos Opens This Week in Plano

photos courtesy Burnt BBQ & Tacos
photos courtesy Burnt BBQ & Tacos

Local chefs Brett Curtis and Tim Halls are teaming up to bring authentic barbecue and specialty barbecue tacos to Plano with Burnt BBQ & Tacos. Brett actually started his Texas culinary journey with a food truck called The Dock in 2016. Within two years, that truck evolved into brick-and-mortar restaurant Dock Local that now has an outpost in Legacy Hall. Inspired by his east coast upbringing, Dock Local is a classic seafood spot. Now, through Brett’s partnership with barbecue pit master Tim Halls, he’s moved into new terrain.

Burnt BBQ & Tacos was born as a result of some pandemic-inspired creativity. Dock Local began offering meal kits at the beginning of the pandemic, and a fan-favorite was the barbecue kit. Since then, Brett and Tim have been pondering the possibility of opening a barbecue restaurant. So, why tacos, too?

“Many barbecue spots offer sandwiches, but nobody is doing barbecue and tacos together. So, we’re taking our famous barbecue and putting it in a taco,” Brett shared.

photos courtesy Burnt BBQ & Tacos
photos courtesy Burnt BBQ & Tacos

On top of tacos, you can also find pork burnt ends (hence the eatery’s name), roasted poblano smoked sausage, brisket queso, Navajo tacos and much more at the Plano restaurant. Burnt BBQ & Tacos does not currently serve alcohol or have outdoor seating, but there are plans for both in the future.

The restaurant is designed to be a to-go business. The guys have a small dining room that they’ll be filling at 50% capacity. When the pandemic is over, the room can seat 25 people when full.

From the beginning, though, Brett and Tim knew they wanted to master delicious barbecue that would stay delicious even if taken to-go.

photos courtesy Burnt BBQ & Tacos

“Our barbecue is cooked slowly and methodical. Everything’s from scratch. We’ve got our signature flavors, from roasted garlic pulled pork to coffee [grounds] smoked brisket. Everything we’re doing is authentic and true to flavor,” Brett said.

Burnt BBQ & Tacos will officially open for business Friday, Jan. 15. Their grand opening, though, is slated to coincide with the Super Bowl.

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2929 Custer Rd #302D
Plano TX 75075

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