Made in Plano: Nevele Society

Nevele Society owners, Kate and Dylan Yarter // photos Helena Kaye Photography

Life is full of adventure, and for Kate and Dylan Yarter, each turn has the potential to spark inspiration. As founders of the online shop Nevele Society, the husband-and-wife duo set out to share personal life experiences through artwork and a blog.

Nevele Society’s collections feature one-of-a-kind hand-painted and hand-drawn canvases created by the couple, but the website also features a curated collection of vintage pottery, ceramics and home décor.

Dylan was working in the corporate world in Plano, and Kate was a textile designer in Addison when they started dating. Dylan had an eye for creating a brand, while Kate spent her career focusing on details found in fabrics.

Dylan and Kate Yarter with one of their creations // photos Helena Kaye Photography
Dylan and Kate Yarter with one of their creations // photos Helena Kaye Photography

After talking about aspirations, the two decided to leave their industries behind and start a new venture: their own business. “I had been creating for so long – digitally – for companies, but I never really got a creative window to do my own thing,” Kate said.

So they founded Nevele Society, which takes its name from a curious recurrence. “We always see the number 11,” Dylan said. “We kind of make a game out of it.” One of the biggest ways the number has shown up in their lives is their wedding date, November 11 (11/11). So to bring a personal touch to the business name, they decided to flip the word on its head. Nevele is eleven spelled backwards.

Last year Kate and Dylan eloped to Tulum, Mexico, a trip which inspired a collection for Nevele Society. While in Mexico, the pair spent time getting a feel for the city and exploring the culture’s artistic and aesthetic influences.

“We really enjoyed adventuring around,” Kate said. “We rented a Jeep and went to all these little Mayan cities.” They brought inspirations home and decided to draw from the figures and colors they saw on the journey.

But Nevele Society uses more than destinations for inspiration. Ideas also come from natural beauty. “I am really inspired by botanical things,” Kate said of the paintings she creates.

The Yarters started out selling on Etsy, but always knew they wanted to create a blog to share the creative process and travel experiences. “We live our lives in a very present and mindful way,” Dylan said. “The blog expands our value to people in a way that isn’t buying art. We are growing a community around our business.”

Kate and Dylan are thankful there has been such a positive response to their work and blog, which is why they take extra care to ensure each customer has a pleasant experience. “Everything is beautifully wrapped, and we include a handwritten thank-you card,” Dylan said.

When they aren’t traveling, crafting pieces or blogging, Dylan and Kate love exploring the area with their four boys, Ethan, 13; Prestan, 12; Whittan, 9 and Piersan, 8. The family lives in Plano, and enjoys public parks and recreational areas to get active and play. “We love going to Arbor Hills and Texas Archery Academy,” Kate said.

The Yarters have plenty of travels ahead, which are sure to inspire future designs. But one thing is for sure – this Plano family will share its tales along the way.

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