Moore Twisted Berries

Exquisitely dipped. Handcrafted to perfection. Eye catching. These are all ways to describe the works of art that Traci Moore, a Plano resident of four years, creates. Don’t be confused though, this artwork is also edible.

Moore Twisted Berries has been making and selling stand-out chocolate dipped treats since 2014 and it is shimmering with sweet success.

“I began Moore Twisted Berries by pure happenstance in the middle of 2014,” Traci explains. “My dear friend Yolanda texted me a few images of decorated chocolate dipped strawberries along with a message attached that said ‘You can do better than this!’”

Traci did just that. She went into her kitchen and started to create. The ease with which she was able to dip strawberries in chocolate and hand paint stunning desserts even amazed her.

A before (above) and after (below) of the edible goodies that Traci Moore makes // photos by Rebecca White


“Surprised and tickled at the fact that my strawberries did look better than the images Yolanda sent, I posted them [to social media],” and received unanimous praise, Traci recalls. With each dipped creation, she would post images of her unique eats. Orders started to roll in. “Before I even knew it, I had a business,” Traci says.

Two years later, Traci is still running a successful culinary business that carries eight varieties of “twisted berries.” The selection ranges from bacon coated chocolate dipped berries (which makes Traci go “weak at the knees”) to chocolate dipped Oreos, topped with sliced nuts and gold leaf to chocolate dipped grapes.

The fruits Traci dips in chocolate beautifully done and eye-catching. The handcrafted details and adornments added to the berries are mesmerizing––sparkling jewels, gold leaf and ornate decorations. Her berries range from the most basic to the outrageous, all in order to please the customer.

Traci Moore hand paints the chocolates to look like realistic jewelry

Traci explains that one of the most sought after of Moore Twisted Berries is the custom berry: “Custom berry is a fan favorite because it allows the fans the opportunity to get involved by choosing colors and to personalize the berries.” One of the most outrageous and fun requests Traci has had a chance to create was for a group going on a hunting and fishing trip. “I created beautiful deer heads, rifles and fish molds to add to the strawberries.”

With such hand crafted treats, it would be expected that Traci comes from the most prestigious of culinary backgrounds. In a way, she actually has.


Traci Moore at work on Moore Twisted Berries

“Some would say I wasn’t formally trained, but I beg to differ…I spent my life with hands-on training from three generations of ‘Kitchen Queens.’” From the age of 8, Traci would help prepare Sunday dinner with her great-grandmother Ora and grandmother Pearl. Granny and Ninny laid a culinary foundation in Traci beginning with the “cornbread bowl,” a hand-painted Mexican pottery, where they would stir meal, flour, baking powder, eggs and milk.

Traci’s mother instilled in her an appreciation for the finer details of food—herbs, spices and all the little things that make food special. “On regular days, she would create an elaborate tablescape with nice linens, cloth napkins, beautiful place settings with serving platters of food for just little old me and my sister, Sibil. The effort she put into cooking and plating food would make anyone want to learn the art of cooking and entertaining.”

Traci has mastered her artistic skill in more areas than Moore Twisted Berries. “My career as an award-winning international nail artist unknowingly prepped me for what I am doing today––creating mini masterpieces of art on dipped fruit and sweet treats and loving it!”

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