SlingFest 2016 Announced

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What in the world is a SlingFest?

You’ve probably heard of punkin’ chunkin’. It’s the same idea. Basically a bunch of science geeks, rednecks and engineers build these giant trebuchets (similar to a catapult) over the course of a few months, drive to Plano one weekend in October and proceed to sling pumpkins and other gourds across Oak Point Park.


The event is organized by DFW Trebuchet Society and will return to Plano for the second time this year. It started in 2011 and every year just gets bigger. Last year ten trebuchets entered the contest, and SlingFest broke its own distance record of 500+ feet.

This year the trebuchet teams will compete in three contests for the spectators: Accuracy, Distance and the Funky Fling (which saw everything from a squid-wrapped pumpkin to a Superman-caped mannequin launched last year).


The festival is totally family-friendly and a good time for all ages. With trebuchet names like Velocichunker, The Kracken and Not So Little Monster, it has to be. A kid-sized trebuchet that flings smaller objects like potatoes and tennis balls will be on hand for pint-sized aspiring engineers and thrill-seekers.

Hours of the event are 12pm-3:30pm. Food will be provided by Gandolfo’s New York Delicatessen and Oh My Kabob! food trucks and Amazeballz Cake Balls. Local artists, craftsmen and vendors will also be onsite. Event tickets are only $5 in advance when purchased online. The price goes up to $7 the week of and $10 at the gate.


Proceeds from the event go to, a Plano makerspace. was formed to provide a place where its members can learn, share ideas and collaborate on totally rad projects. It’s an all-volunteer non-profit organization. has classes and meet ups on a variety of topics, including robotics, programming, beer brewing, wireless communication and, of course, trebuchets. “Think of it as a gym membership for geeks,” said Richard Gowen of The

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