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“Hello, dear! What can I get for you?” asks Paul Pokachaipatt to a customer who is in a line of teenagers waiting to order a crepe. Known as Mr. Paul to his customers, Pokachaipatt is the face of Crepes For U. Since starting his business in 2007, Crepes For U has had a loyal following with customers driving as far as 45 minutes away just to snag themselves a delicious crepe made by the Bangkok-born crepe maker.

Paul Pokachaipatt, owner of Crepes For U // photos Esther Huynh

Not only do customers enjoy his crepes, but also they are attracted to Mr. Paul’s animated and friendly personality. Greeting his customers as they walk in, the Plano business owner keeps them engaged in kind conversation as they watch him carefully create their order behind a clear glass wall until the moment they walk out.

The felt pin Mr. Paul wears was made for him by a customer

With a passion for “loving to eat” and a frequent traveler to France and Japan, Mr. Paul can tell you the difference between eating a crepe in France versus a crepe in Japan. “Usually the French crepe is served on a plate…and you eat it with a fork. You can have savory crepes or sweet crepes. The Japanese style crepe is hand held and they add a variety of things that the French would never dream of putting in their crepes. I once stumbled upon a crepe shop in Tokyo where they put a whole cheesecake wedge in the crepe…so generally speaking, anything goes!” he laughs.

With the help and suggestions of American chef Jack Jenks, Mr. Paul started Crepes For U with a focus on combining his admiration for both cultures to his crepes: “As far as the presentation, as far as serving it, the way that I fold it is…my personal interpretation of the marriage of the Parisian crepe and the Tokyo crepe.”

Offering at least 14 different options, Crepes For U’s Choco Rocco crepe has been among the most popular and the best seller.  Each crepe can be customized with different ice cream flavors offered or even by how crunchy or soft of the crepe texture itself. But the Lucas crepe, filled with strawberries, kiwis, fresh cream, and drizzled in a hazelnut chocolate sauce, honors a special place for Mr. Paul because it was named after his favorite Parisian restaurant, Lucas Carton.

Crepes For U is located inside Jusgo Supermarket on Legacy Drive. Look for the bright blue sign of a pink bunny sitting on a window that says “HI WE’RE OPEN!” where Crepes For U is open 365 days of the year, 3-9 p.m. on weekdays and 12:30-9 p.m. on weekends.

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  1. says: Katie Venhaus

    Great story – could not have said it better myself! I hope everyone gets a chance to try his crepes. My husband and I ventured out to the shop for a date night and were not disappointed. The crepes were DELICIOUS and Mr. Paul was so kind and friendly.

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